Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chapter 4

Inside the Consortium

In a large secluded room, darkened, sound-proof and without windows, somewhere in the world, sat twelve shadowed figures wearing very well tailored black suits and black ties sitting around a single large round table lit by a single spot light centered on the table. Each sat quietly, hands folded left hand over right hand on the edge of the table, leaning only slightly forward into the light so that only their hands and faces could be seen by the others. Each wore only a single wide gold band on his left hand little finger but no other jewelry or wrist watches. The figures sat looking at each other in recognition, but still in complete silence. As soon as everyone appeared acknowledged and satisfied that all was as it should be, someone spoke.

“Everything is proceeding as we have planned. The European Union and the United States are very much weakened, financially. The market price of crude petroleum has reached an all-time high. Their largest manufacturing companies are letting go of many skilled workers who cannot find other gainful work. The major manufacturing industries themselves are nearing bankruptcy. Production capacity for all military weapons is severely weakened.

The unemployed people cannot pay their taxes and must depend upon their governments for support. They will eventually lose their homes. There is demand destruction that threatens their government’s ability to collect taxes on oil products. The oil producing countries have lowered their production by 1.5 million barrels per day and still the economies are unaffected. Their own real estate and business investment greediness has caused near collapse of their respective economies.

There is world-wide panic in equities markets, commodities markets and money markets. The governments of the European Union and the United States are seeking additional funds to finance what they cannot provide for their people through tax collections. Even their vast military presence, worldwide will be curtailed due to their lack of available funding to pay their soldiers.

These funds, we must withhold from them to create a larger demand and more political unrest, thereby raising our potential for greater return and absolute dominant control.

The time is right for a collapse in capitalism. The time is right for a collapse of N.A.T.O. The United Nations will become powerless without the United States. Russia and China have agreed they will chose not to be involved or come to their defense. It is a battle they will not want or have to fight.

The time is right for the end of the power of the United States. Soon, our carefully created agent, Baligh Husan al Din, who has been given that name, which in Arabic means ‘Eloquent Sword of Faith‘, will be freely elected by the American people and nothing further can detour us. The time is right for world-wide revolution. No one will use nuclear weapons on each other because neither can be construed as the true enemy of their own destruction. We will simply pick up the pieces and reorganize them into our New World Order - target date, December, 2012.

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