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Chapter 10

At the Lotus

Russian contact, Diana Belova, C.I.A. agent, Jace Marshall and a knowledgeable Indian taxi driver, Raahi walk together, still barefoot around the magnificent Baha'i House of Worship better known, perhaps as the "Lotus of Bahapur" Temple.

Diana inquires, "What do you know of the Baha'i Faith, Mr. Marshall?"

"I know that Count Leo Tolstoy wrote: 'We spend our lives trying to unlock the mysteries of the Universe, but there was a Turkish prisoner, Bahá'u'lláh in Akka, Palestine, who had the key."

"You flatter me, Mr. Marshall, to quote our beloved Tolstoy. Perhaps I have misjudged you as merely an office boy from a gray cubicle at your C.I.A. Headquarters. Perhaps there may be some substance to you after all. What else do you know?"

Jace felt the pressure of a condescending attitude, but she was Russian and very attractive. He would give her some latitude to let her think she was playing with his head. Besides, she still had the computer flash drive with the evidence he needed about existence of "The Consortium".

He continued with last night's homework regurgitation. "The Bahá'ís today live and work in some 1,20,000 localities in 165 independent countries and 45 dependent territories around the world. Embracing people from more than 2,110 ethnic, racial and tribal groups, the Bahá'í Faith is at present the most diverse organized body of people on the planet. The Bahá'í literature has been translated into more than 800 languages of the world."

"Yes, yes, yes", Miss Belova interrupted before he could spew anymore facts and figures he memorized last night reading the Internet files from his laptop computer which was in his briefcase. "I know all of that. You sound like you are giving me an elementary school book report. What do the Baha'i believe?"

Jace tried to speak, but sounded no words before Miss Belova interrupted again. "Wait. I will tell you. Bahá'ís believe that throughout human history the Creator has educated humanity through a series of Divine Manifestations. These Manifestations include: Krishna, Buddha, Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus and Muhammad. Would you like a quotation from their Holy Writngs".

Now Jace would put her to the test. This was also getting interesting. Last night's Scotch may have had something to do with today's recall abilities. Besides, he really loved the softness of her voice and the way she rolled her r's when she said, Misterrr. Marrrshall. "Yes, I would."

Diana began, "And I quote: 'The divine Manifestations since the day of Adam have striven to unite humanity so that all may be accounted as one soul. The function and purpose of a shepherd is to gather and not disperse his flock. The prophets of God have been divine shepherds of humanity. They have established a bond of love and unity among mankind, made scattered peoples one nation and wandering tribes a mighty kingdom. They have laid the foundation of the oneness of God and summoned all to universal peace.' - Bahá'í Holy Writings. End quote. Are you impressed Mr. Marshall?"

Jace was impressed, both with Diana and her knowledge of the Baha'i Faith, but he had to focus on the problem at hand. "It is a beautiful and idealistic religion, but what has it to do with our problems at hand?"

Origins of the Consortium

"Very well, Mr. Marshall. Since you are in such a big hurry, I will tell you. In 1947, when rumors spread about a possible UFO crash near Rosewell, New Mexico and there were suspicions of an official cover-up, a group of extremely wealthy people brought together the smartest scientists and the smartest political scientists to play 'What-If' intellectual games. Surely you have played these games yourself.

"They played the scientists against the political scientists and then played them both against the best theologians of the day. Their main interest was to discover the best way to move the world's nationalist-type civilizations toward one homogenized world of lasting peace and unity as a One World Government, One World Civilization, One World Banking. In short, a general redistribution of wealth, food distribution, manufacturing and agriculture to benefit all of mankind rather than those who  merely had possession of the land all the recources were closest to. The haves would no longer hold sway over the have nots. There would be nothing for everyone to fight about. There would finally be world peace.

"This would also be necessary if the Earth should be contacted by visitors of another planet. There would be a need for one leadership source with which to communicate and possibly effect treaties. You know how the United Nations and N.A.T.O. fight, discuss and disagree on nearly every issue with respect to their own needs, wants and desires to capitalize on issues. These things would be eliminated under the One World Government plan of these wealthy men who called themselves, "The Consortium".

"For the past sixty years, they have moved their money and wealth from this country to that country in ways which effect the total efforts of other countries, thereby dictating what governments will do in reaction to those events. Do you understand all that I have told you?"

Jace wasn't sure if Diana was being truthful or being a crackpot conspiracy theorist. He'd heard these types of theories before. Several books had already been written, but he never read them because they were not really science fiction, they were just out there. Jace responded, "I understand. So as the Baha'i Faith recognizes and respects all the various religions of the world and desires to unify them all into one faith for the betterment of all mankind, this Consortium wants to unite all the people of the Earth under the same socio-political control."

"Very good, Mr. Marshall. You DO understand. However, the plans of original Consortium have been altered due to recent deaths and replacements into its membership. No one knows who these people are. Many agents have died trying to discover their identities. They do not want this information known and they are ruthless in their efforts.  To control and rule the Earth's population is their only goal. Where they were once idealistic and benevolent, now they are selfish, ruthless and far away from their original pureness of purpose, which was their foundational theory from the beginning. Under their new plans, the ideas of individual freedoms will be totally abolished and replaced with despotism and very strict regimentation - for the benefit of the state ... their "state" ... the state of the Earth under their control only. What do you think of that?"

It sounded too much like a play into his own sense of national patriotism. This was quite a mouthful coming from a former Soviet Russian, who may or may not be an agent of that regime.

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